Summer Letter

Hello Everyone!


I hope that you are all doing well and your summer isn’t too hectic!  I am sending this email out to all of our contacts that we currently have for the Federation of Burn Foundations.  As your new Chair of the Federation I wanted to let you all know where we are and where we are headed.


Currently we have been working with the American Burn Association to set up our next annual meeting that will be held in Boston, tentatively on March the 20th, 2017.  I have set up as our guest speaker, Jana Worthington, of Alliance Guardianship from Spokane, WA.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jana at our last meeting in Las Vegas.


During this meeting a majority of us in attendance thought it would be beneficial for our next guest speaker to be someone that can help all of us with marketing and fundraising for our charities.  Ms. Worthington and her company do exactly this and can help us to get the word out about the wonderful things we are all doing.  Jana has worked with the Washington State Council of Firefighters Burn Foundation and many other groups.  I believe that she will be a great speaker for our meeting and can share with us valuable information.  In addition to our guest speaker we will of course also have our own round table discussion at our meeting as well.


On another note, some of you have still not paid your annual dues. This is just a friendly reminder to please visit our website at where you can download an application and get up to date with your dues.  As always, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


Last but certainly not least, I am working on getting an E-Newsletter out to our members by early October. With Fire Prevention Week being October 9th-15th it would be outstanding to have this newsletter out before then.  Please submit articles to me by early September if you would like something in our newsletter.  Articles can relate to Fire Prevention Week or can be about any topic that your charity is currently working on.


I want to thank everyone, especially Paul Schwartzman, Jessica Banks, Tom Flamm, and Jennifer Radics-Johnson for all of their help and continued support.
Hope to hear from you all soon!
Take care,


Jim Doucette
Executive Director, Firefighters Burn Institute
Retired Fire Captain, Sacramento Fire Department

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